Food Production Worker (Food Factory)

Position ID: 2270

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You can apply for Europe, but also for the USA or Canada as well.




39 hours/week, 5 days work week, 2 days off



Salary: 820 pounds/week (3280 month), paid biweekly.

Location: London ( UK )



As a Food Production Worker, you focus on creating quality sushi and other factory products. You maintain a sanitary work environment by following a routine cleaning schedule of kitchen equipment. Lastly, you put the “team” in teammate by fostering an inclusive working environment by promoting team work and collaboration to maximize morale, productivity and efficiency.


  • Prepare sushi and other products including cooking rice, preparation of raw ingredients, sushi rolling, cutting, sorting and packaging.
  • Ensure all operating standards including food safety are adhered and final products meet quality standards.
  • Wash all pots, pans, inserts, utensils, etc and clean kitchen equipment when called upon and as per cleaning schedule.
  • Maintain a favourable working relationship with all other teammates to foster and promote a working environment that maximizes morale, productivity and efficiency.

Special consideration will be given to applicants with previous experience working as a; sushi chef, sushi maker, sushi cook, prep cook, line cook, production worker, food manufacturing, food processor, food mixing.

  • Medical (including PPO, HMO, and HSA options), dental and vision coverage
    • Paid vacation and holidays
    • Opportunity for free food and accommodation
    • Free visa & plane tickets ( covered )

    Training will be given

NOTE! All costs are borne by the employer. The costs of issuing personal documents, visa photos, courier, etc., about 50 euros maximum – these costs are at the expense of the applicant if approved.

There are no fees or commissions from the applicants.

  • Opportunity for free food, accommodation and plane tickets*.
  •                      * The employer usually bears the transport and accommodation costs for up to 6 or 12 months:   If you acquire a pre-employee/employee number you can apply (up to 30,000 euros) and get a loan with a low-interest rate; the usual interest rate in Europe is about 1.5%. There are organizations that would fund you if you have a pre-employee/employee number issued ( A1 CreditsSBDB Loans, etc.). This way you will have the funds before you go abroad.

    Food Production Worker (Food Factory)

    Position ID: 2270

    Apply Now

    You can apply for Europe, but also for the USA or Canada as well.




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