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 3 good reasons to work in Sweden

Sweden is a good place for careers in most professions. And with relaxed labor migration rules in place, it has become easier to move here for work. As an employee in Sweden, you are also offered a range of benefits. Let us give you three good reasons to move to Sweden for work.

1.High standard of living.

With one of the highest standards of living in the world, Sweden offers residents a good life — from the cradle to the grave.

Sweden sees many of these benefits as necessary rights for everyone, regardless of income or social status. They help to make sure that all children are educated and healthy, and that people from all parts of society are offered equal opportunities. Education is free from six years of age to university, and most health care and pension benefits are paid for by employer and income taxes.

2.Family migration

For people with partners and children, moving from one country to another is never a simple task. Swedish law takes this into account, making it possible for family members to receive work and residence permits for the duration of your stay. This opportunity is so far unique to Sweden.

3.Employment-based benefits

In Sweden, having a job means being offered a range of benefits, from paid parental and sick leave to employment-based pension and optional unemployment insurance, all based on your salary.


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