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Our services are free for the applicants but, of course, we have our rules to which we insist on keeping. However, our free service does not apply to employers. Also, you are not required to pay for any fees or commissions, either before or after you start to work.

Please see the documents (acc. our Terms & Conditions):

For your eventual successful work transfer your next steps should be:


If you will prepare the documents alone without any outside help – then you should contact our Live Chat Support to learn the deadline for your position. If you chose this option please click here and contact our Support Team. 


(recommended) If you will use the services of a specialized company and now you are ready to order and pay 15 euros (1,500 Php) for your Full Application Documents Pack – then click here, pay and follow the Documents / Visa Agency’s instructions. Your Full Application Documents Pack will be ready up to 2 days.

In that way you will avoid the risk to miss the deadline; You (but we too) will be sure that your documents will not be rejected because of some stupid mistakes or oversight. If you choose this option please click here and secure your Full Application Documents Pack on time.

List of documents

1. Your certificate of employment (if any). If you do not have a scanner – use your camera from your PC or phone (but please send clear and legible copies).

2. Fresh CV (if it hasn’t already been applied)

3. Diploma

4. Copies of any available documents

Well, you have to wait for eventual written invitation (or refusal). Only after receiving the written invitation you will be able to start the assembly of Your Full Application Documents Pack.

Need Support:

Please contact our online chat support to get a free help. We are online Mo-Fri between 08:00 – 17:00 Manila (Philippines) Time:



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