Computer Operator – Ireland

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• Location: Ireland
• Contract Type: Permanent
• Working Hours: 39 hours/week, 5-day work week with 2 days off
• Monthly Salary: 22.10 euros/hour (3815 euros/month).
• Language: Proficiency in English

•  Basic knowledge of Microsoft Office.
•  Proficient typing skills.
•  Familiarity with Internet usage.
•  Serious and responsible work ethic.

•  Comprehensive medical coverage, including PPO, HMO, and HSA options.
•  Inclusive dental and vision benefits.
•  Exciting opportunity for complimentary visa, tickets, food, and accommodation.

Note: All expenses are covered by the employer, except for certain nominal costs like issuing personal documents, visa photos, and courier fees (approximately 50 euros at maximum). No charges or commissions are applied to applicants.

Additional Opportunity:
•  Free food, accommodation, and plane tickets
•  For candidates with a pre-employee/employee number, potential access to a low-interest loan (up to 30,000 euros) for initial expenses.
•  Various organizations offer funding for individuals with a pre-employee/employee number issued (e.g., A1 Credits, SBDB Loans, etc.), ensuring financial support before your departure.

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